Metering & Locating

Donco’s meter readers, meter changers, and locators are trained and mentored to meet and exceed the expectations of our partners in the utility industry. They are equipped with new or recent model, attractive and well-maintained vehicles to represent a professional image to the utility customer, and to guarantee a high level of reliability to our partners. Employees continually participate in practical safety training and hazard assessment as a part of a rigorous safety program. Donco’s meter readers and changers are proud members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. The IBEW provides dependable people committed to quality service with zero tolerance for drugs or alcohol.

Meter Reading

We treat each utility customer as we would our own. Donco minimizes estimates, misreads, and customer complaints using a team of experienced, professional and courteous people to represent our partners to their customers.

Meter Changing

Donco meter changers are trained and ready to work. Whether it’s deployment and installation of smart meter systems or performing disconnects/reconnects, Donco has the management, field staff, and technology resources our utility partners require.


Donco is building a trained and professional staff to offer locating services in the following fields: gas locating, electric locating, telecommunications locating, cable TV locating, water and sewer system locating, and other utility locating.