The health and safety of Donco employees, and that of our customers and fellow contractors, is a constant consideration affecting everything we do. Our written safety program meets or exceeds OSHA standards and enjoys the complete support and full participation of Donco’s entire management team.

Employees, through regular encouragement and numerous opportunities to learn, are equipped to identify and avoid workplace hazards. Managers lead by example and insure that employees adhere to well-established, documented and proven safety procedures.

Some of the tools we use to keep safety foremost in the minds of employees include:

  • Thorough new hire safety orientations
  • Detailed site- and/or job-specific safety orientations
  • Continual upgrade training and regular refresher courses
  • Regular safety qualification workshops
  • Regular joint field safety observations with 100% management participation
  • Jobsite inspections
  • Well-documented weekly toolbox talks
  • Daily job safety analysis forms

We are happy to provide our safety manual upon request to customers and for the purposes of bid/contract prequalification. Questions? Contact our safety team.

safety shoes, hardhat and other safety equipment