Technology Services

Fowler Technology Services, Donco’s communications division, is a full-service systems contractor specializing in complete communications and security solutions for businesses, large and small.

Q. Your business has a few phone lines and a single-site copper network. Who should you call to cable your new building addition, turbo-charge your Internet speed and reduce your phone bill?

A. Fowler Technology Services.

Q. Business is exploding! You need help to design and implement a converged wide area network—with all the circuits and equipment to fully integrate voice, data and video across your 50+ sites. Deadline: yesterday. Who can help propel your business forward?

A. Fowler Technology Services.

Q. Your project requires substantial fiber optic splicing, termination and testing capability, and the underground work—boring, trenching, rock-drilling, etc.—to put that cable in place. What one company integrates outside telecom with the project management and engineering expertise to fully execute your project?

A. Fowler Technology Services.


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copper patch cables exiting network switch